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During my years at the university I started developing an interest for photo and film, and that interest kept growing, eventually leading me to opening my own photo- and video studio. I always have liked to paint, nothing fancy though. Moreover it were landscapes, where luckily the laws of perspective aren’t that harsh as they are for architecture, or human anatomy. I was especially fascinated by color and composition. The downside was that back then I did not really had place where I could paint, and exposing my bedroom to that turpentine vapor wasn’t exactly a benefit for my health. Because of the inconvenience at that time, I picked up a camera. Though be it a very different medium, I still could play with composition and colors in photography, and so I did. Starting as a hobby, I now have got the privilege to make my living out of it. I am grateful for that and show my appreciation for it every single day and on every single project.


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